Marketing Truth

Let's be honest, marketing—particularly advertising—doesn't always land in the realm of truth. Terms like smoke and mirrors or bait and switch describe tactics some in the marketing industry utilize to gain business, We're just not okay with this blatant violation of consumer trust.

People are goofy. We have our nuances—our intricacies. The things we do that make us—well, us. Sometimes they're endearing. Other times, they can be quite grating.

Events bring us together. They can also divide us. 

We want to belong, yet we cling to our individualism.

Consider all of this. Now consider our job as marketers to deliver messages to those who actually seek out what is being said!

Yes, we do inbound marketing and facilitate conversations in the social media space. We also do branding and advertising. We dive into search engine optimization, SEM, blogging and content creation. We push pixels, craft words, place media and analyze data. We do this in-house, work with our partners, as well as internal marketing teams—all in the name of helping organizations speak their truth.

Over the past decade, Zeitgeist/33 has worked to create the right blend of art of science to deliver our client's brand essence. This is our version of effective marketing and we recognize our approach works for some—but not everyone—and we're okay with that.

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"It does not require many words to speak the truth."

 ―Chief Joseph (1840-1904) Nez Pierce

 Building on the spirit of the times