A Plea for Help

I'm fed up with the notion of normal. I don't want it and quite frankly, nor should you. Why? Consider some of the words used to define normal — conforming...the common type...usual...

You're better than common. Yes, we have some common traits that unite us as humans, but do you really want to settle for what we have made the world today? Personally, I'm not particularly excited to just go along with today's norms.

Do you want to go around and be thought of as usual — as if there were nothing unique you have to offer? I'd be willing to put a hefty wager down that there is at least one thing you do which would be deemed unusual.

So, I call bullshit on this whole concept called normal and this is why I'm taking a different approach than before.

Coincidentally, two posts appeared today that held a similar tone — one by Kristin Eide, whom I just discovered today via a thinkspace tweet — the other by the infamous, Seth Godin. While Kristin's post is about a Seth Godin event she attended in Seattle, how they showed today was completely random. On second thought, perhaps it was not random at all.  

Before I go off on a tangent, let me reel this in and get to my plea.

I am begging you — yes you, the one reading this — to do a little soul searching and get brutally honest about your life and the lives of those around you. Can you lay your head down at night, rest peacefully, knowing that you gave all that can to the day and those around you? Trust me, I'm in this with you as there are times I've been gripped by my fear. Enough is enough, which is also why I'm reaching out to you.

Take a half-hour each day and do something different. At first, don't get caught up on what it is. Just do something different. Break the routine, take another route to work, and as Seth suggested, do the opposite of what you normally do — crap, there's that normal thing again. Simply open your eyes to another way. As you're doing so, take note of what you see and how you feel. Give up that hesitation and stop over-thinking this.

Life is precious — which means you are precious. Please share my plea with those around you and comment below.

My aim is to be able to end the day and say, "I made today better by being part of it and contributing to those around me." I hope this post is one way of doing just that.