Are you sleeping through your dreams?

It was a typical morning for me and Mattias—prepping breakfast and chatting it up—and then his question stopped me in my tracks. "Papa, what do you dream about?" I answered that I slept through most of my dreams.

A one-two punch landed right upside my existential temple. Am I simply running on autopilot—asleep at the wheel on life's highway? Have I lost sight of my dreams?

 Sleeping through your dreams
Papa, what do you dream about?

I believe I've done the best to make the most of my circumstances—reincarnating Zeitgeist/33 after the company I worked for shut its doors—a mere two weeks after Mattias was born. Then there was the nasty divorce, the car accident New Year's Eve that added countless appointments to my week, the piss-poor economy, and so-on.

Yet, they're just circumstances. We all have them and we can either choose to let them be excuses for not reaching for our dreams or they can simply be something that adds color to our stories.

While running a business is tough and can be an extremely lonely place, I get to experiment with a new world—one where businesses and community come together. I get to help other organizations tell their story and connect with their tribe. I get to help others discover and live out their dreams. And I get to be present at my son's school when The Reptile Man pays a visit.

As we wrap up the end of the year, I wonder, how many of us are sleeping through our dreams and just existing?

What do you dream about? Have your dreams come true? Have you given up on your dreams? What do you need help with to reach your dreams?

I dream of a life that’s rich with connection and one where I feel my participation mattered. I dream that we all are aware of how precious our time is on this planet and not ever take that for granted. I dream that we wake up and truly take care of each other.
— Ryan Breske

Don't forget, The Happiness Project starts January 6th, 2014 at Office Junction in West Seattle. Start your year off digging into what makes you happy and keep those dreams alive.