Creating Your Legacy

The first leg of three-part The Edward R. Murrow Symposium - 2011 wrapped a few weeks ago and I wonder, what legacy are students creating today? Was there a lasting impression made during the yearly event or was it similar to a drunken night out—lots of great experiences, but hard to remember anything that happened? I know I certainly had my fair share of these moments as a student at WSU.

Although I did not make the trip over to Pullman, WA this time around, I was interested to read the various comments streaming in via the Twitter and Facebook feeds. The common thread I observed centered around the importance of students creating a solid foundation for which to launch their careers. With the great uncertainty still surrounding the economy, it's understandable that this is a prime concern for students and one that certainly existed when I presented at last year's event, focused on Transformational Media.

The marketing world certainly is in a state of transformation. Most of the time, I love being a part of it, challenging conventional thought and setting new trends. Like anything, though, there are also downsides—it can be extremely taxing to keep up with the changes that seem to occur daily. Also, change is a big deal for people and organizations (which are simply a collection of people). We're creatures of habit. Even if something isn't working, it's difficult for us to shift our habits. After all, it keeps us safe. It's a dilemma I routinely face. Are there habits that you want to break? What habits do you have that work for you?

One habit I'm working on building is to share my voice more frequently. I'll admit, it's scary for me. I want you to like me. It's an ego thing, but when I get back in line with what I really want, it helps me deal with my fear of being judged. A legacy I am creating is one where businesses truly see the value of marketing, versus relating to marketing simply as a line item on their balance sheet. Just as Murrow did, sometimes you have to go against the grain. What legacy are you creating?