Hey Perfection - I Quit!

This will be my fastest post yet. As I type that, I slow down and feel the pull of my perfectionistic tendencies set in. Truth be told, I just spent five minutes seeing if perfectionistic was even a real word. So perfection, why do I quit thee?

Perfection is a disguise. Well, at least in the context that I'm relating to. See, being perfect keeps me safe. Now, before you think my ego is bigger than Texas, hear me out. I do not claim to be perfect. I know better than that. What I'm saying is that my drive for perfection actually prevents me from putting my thoughts, opinions and the like out there for the world to hear or see.

How does this relate to marketing? All too often, I encounter businesses looking for the perfect marketing solution. That's fair. It's your business, your job, your accountability. You want it to work. Your ass is on the line. The problem shows up when this quest for perfection keeps you from taking meaningful action with your marketing (or any other area of your business or life for that matter). I'm not suggesting being careless. But, I do suggest getting in action. It's a life lesson I've learned and want to share with others.

So, where have you been sitting on the sidelines looking for the best answer? I bet you have great reasons or excuses, don't you? Me too! But, that's not the life I'm up to living. I've taken on vulnerability and as such, I have one thing to say right now. Perfection, I quit!

Now, send me your comments, critiques or otherwise. What will you quit? What will you start doing?