Is your marketing misbehaving?

The other night, I was dealing with the aftermath of another classic argument with my wife. Bless her, she is as stubborn and determined as I am at times. In thinking about the silliness of our argument, it occurred to me that, as humans, we put up with an immense amount of behavior we don't particularly like. When my wife and I got stuck with our points of view, we overlooked what it was that we really wanted for each other.

Do you have similar arguments around your marketing efforts? Are you holding on to a particular point of view? In today's world, it's as important as ever to take an honest look at whether your marketing behavior is consistent with the results you are committed to producing. When you discover behavior that you don't like or are simply putting up with, either change the behavior or remove yourself from that space.

For instance, do you continue to run radio spots because that's what your business has always done, but suspect they aren't producing the results you're after? How about those weekly newspaper inserts? The price seems reasonable and you have the opportunity to get your message in front of a lot of people, though you've always questioned whether anyone actually reads them. Then there's the whole social media space. Every business seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, however you can't seem to make the connection between your business and the Facebook and Twitter communities.

The main takeaway is this – your business cannot afford to put up with marketing behavior that doesn't work. Inbound marketing agencies, like Zeitgeist/33, are dedicated to producing results for your business – and we can prove that it works. To lighten the mood some, enjoy the following.

 What are your thoughts? Oh, behave!